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WINSTON-SALEM—For years, the North Carolina Writers’ Network has offered a Critiquing & Editing Service to its members. Through this service, NCWN members can have their unpublished work reviewed by established editors and writers, at below-market rates.

Now, they can have their work reviewed without ever leaving their desk chairs, thanks to the C&ES’ new e-delivery option.

The new e-delivery option allows NCWN members to register and pay for the Critiquing & Editing Service using an online form, and submit their work as an e-mail attachment to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

“E-delivery saves our members money and time,” NCWN executive director Ed Southern said, “and saves the Network money, time, resources, and aggravating trips to the post office.”

Electronic submissions to the C&ES will cost the same per-page as printed submissions: $3 per page for up to 50 pages, and $2 per page thereafter.

The administrative fee for electronic submissions, though, is only $15, compared to $30 for printed submissions.

All but two of the Network’s current critiquers will accept electronic submissions. Turnaround time will be faster, of course, since no packages will travel through the mail.

“Seriously, if you know how congested the parking lot of our local post office gets, you’ll wonder why we didn’t do this sooner,” Southern added, perhaps missing the point.

“We had planned to start offering e-delivery long before we were all sheltering-in-place,” Southern said, “but social distancing did make this move a higher priority.”

For more information on the NCWN’s Critiquing & Editing Service, or on the Network itself, visit


ONLINE—The North Carolina Writers' Network is proud to present its first-ever entirely online Cabin Fever Conference, April 16-18, 2020. This event offers 630 minutes of high-quality, socially-distant instruction in the craft and business of writing.

Registration is closed.

Attendees may sign up for the full conference (7 classes); half conference (4 classes); or quarter conference (2 classes)—or even just one single class. The weekend will conclude with an Open Mic reading for conference registrants and readings by conference faculty.

Classes include:

  • Make a Scene: Emotional Building Blocks of Fiction with Quinn Dalton
  • Public Speaking for Writers with Cameron Kent
  • Writing Your Life: Turning Personal Stories into Universal Narratives with Bridgette A. Lacy
  • Narrative Medicine: Stories of Illness & the Power of Reflective Writing with Aimee Mepham
  • What a Long Strange Trip: From Manuscript to Finished Book with Robin Miura and Lynn York
  • More than Meaning (poetry) with Timothy O’Keefe
  • The Art of Writing Memoir with M. Randal O’Wain

Classes will take place online using Zoom. Participants may attend the classes using a laptop or mobile device, from anywhere they happen to find an internet connection.

Attendees can even attend using just a telephone!

Instructions for accessing the conference classes will be sent to registrants no less than twenty-four hours prior to the start of the conference. The class will be archived and made available to registrants for repeated viewings.

Also during the conference, "exhibitors" will offer special pricing on select titles through our Virtual Exhibit Hall. These exhibitors represent NC-based publishers and literary organizations that rely on handselling their products in-person at physical events. Attendees are encouraged to spend time over the weekend poking around the exhibitor sites and purchasing a few things to read during this time of quarantine.

"No pandemic can disrupt the Network’s mission, or its importance: to connect, promote, educate, and serve the writers of this state, and beyond; and to nourish our remarkable literary tradition and community," said NCWN Executive Director Ed Southern. "This Cabin Fever Conference is just a different way of doing what we’ve always done—bring writers together for excellence, opportunity, and community.”

The nonprofit North Carolina Writers’ Network is the state’s largest literary arts organization devoted to writers at all stages of development. For additional information, visit

We hope many of you will join a safe, non-contagious distance.


GREENSBORO—We have decided to cancel the NCWN 2020 Spring Conference.

Two weeks ago, this decision would have been difficult. A month ago, it would have been unthinkable.

Today, it seems the obvious choice to make.

In the coming days, we will issue refunds to all registrants and exhibitors.

If you registered for the Spring Conference but do not want your fees refunded, please tell me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., and we will convert—with gratitude—your registration fee into a donation.

If you donated to the NCWN 2020 Spring Conference, we hope you will let us apply your donation to scholarship aid for future NCWN conferences. If you would rather we refund your donation, please tell me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., and we will be glad to do so.

We have begun planning an online alternative to Spring Conference: our first-ever Cabin Fever Conference, to be held April 17-18, with many of the same instructors leading many of the same classes. We will finalize this Cabin Fever Conference and open registration for it as soon as possible, and we hope many of you will join us . . . at a safe, non-contagious distance.

We also are holding an Online Open Mic next week, allowing writers to share their infectious work, without sharing any infections. We will open registration for that Online Open Mic later today.

In the meantime, we promise you this: However long the Covid-19 pandemic requires social distancing, however much it may disrupt what we think of as “normal,” the Network will be here—supporting and connecting writers around and beyond the state; nourishing and nurturing the literary arts; providing access to excellence and opportunity, and even to a community . . . that’s not communicable.


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