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GREENSBORO—The North Carolina Writers' Network seeks to serve writers of all levels and abilities, no matter where they are in their writing careers. To those ends, the NCWN 2017 Spring Conference will offer classes on the business of books, to help those writers who have a manuscript they're ready to take to market.

The NCWN 2017 Spring Conference happens Saturday, April 22, at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. Registration is now open.

Industry offerings include:

Social Media for Self-Published Authors with Russell Hatler and Nikki Brate. Self-published authors in general have a tough time promoting their books. There are literally hundreds of options available on the Internet, all for a price. Choosing among the options can be a daunting experience. Once an option has been selected, working with the people who’ve promised to deliver fame and fortune can be treacherous. This workshop showcases the experiences of a self-published author when trying to wade through the technological mire that lurks in the arena of Social Media. It also addresses the joys and sorrows of building a website and shooting and posting a YouTube video.

Big, Medium, Small, or Self: What’s the Right Publishing Option for You? with Edmund R. Schubert. Having their work published by one of the big houses in New York used to be every writer’s dream; but more and more authors today—even those who’ve successfully published with New York before—are opting instead to self-publish. And in the space between New York and self-publishing, there’s a vast spectrum of small, mid-sized, and regional publishers. Exactly what role do each of these publishers play in today’s new and ever-evolving ecosystem of books, contracts, and money?

NCWN will also host the third annual Slush Pile Live!, where a panel of editors will listen to anonymous submissions being read out loud and raise their hand when they hear something that would make them stop reading if the piece were being submitted to their publication. The editors will discuss what they did and did not like about the sample, offering constructive feedback on the manuscript itself and the submission process. All anonymous—all live! (Authors can reveal themselves at the end, but only if they want to.)

At Slush Pile Live!, the writing tips fly fast and furious—it's an event not to be missed! For more details, including a listing of panelists, click here.

Pre-registration closes April 16. Register now!


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