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KNOXVILLE, TN—While it can be thrilling to read about a writer's mad adventure on the Neuse River, or brave 100-mph winds on Mt. Mitchell with intrepid writer-climbers, most of us experience nature very close to home and usually without a heightened sense of danger.

For us as writers, then, the nature we encounter every day is ripe for exploration. It can inspire us precisely because it's so local and so personal. If we look closely enough, the familiar elements can reveal greater truths about the universe and ourselves.

On Thursday, June 20, at 7:00 pm, author and editor Kelly Smith Trimble will lead the online class "Nature Writing in Your Own Backyard."

Registration is open.

This course is capped at forty (40) registrants, first-come, first-served. There is a $30 fee to register.

Expanding our concept of “nature” or “environment” also expands opportunities for nature writing. By embracing our backyard gardens, our ingredients for dinner, and even our pets as elements of the natural world, we open up new avenues for writing about nature and our daily experience of it. And just as writing about wild nature urges reflection on larger questions, ascribing meaning to everyday nature can help us consider meaning in our everyday experiences.

In this class, we’ll explore:

  • How we define and can redefine nature
  • Traditional examples and themes of nature writing
  • New examples and themes of nature writing
  • A natural scientist's approach to understanding the world
  • Opportunities for writing about the kind of nature we experience daily

Kelly Smith Trimble is an editor, writer, and gardener living in Knoxville, Tennessee. Her book Vegetable Gardening Wisdom, a collection of seasonal advice and inspiration for edible gardeners, was released in April, 2019. Kelly is currently the digital editorial director for HGTV and Travel Channel, and she has also been a writer and editor for Southern Living, the National Park Foundation, and other lifestyle media. She earned a B.A. in English with Concentration in Environmental Studies from Sewanee: The University of the South, and an M.S. in Environmental Studies with an emphasis in Writing and Communications from Green Mountain College. Her poetry has been published in the online journal Wordpeace.

A master gardener, she grows vegetables, herbs, and flowers in her suburban backyard and loves cooking and preserving.

"Nature Writing in Your Own Backyard" is part of the newly expanded series of online classes offered by the North Carolina Writers' Network.

"This program is a great way for writers from all over North Carolina to connect without having the hassle of driving somewhere and finding parking," said NCWN communications director Charles Fiore. "Online classes offer top-shelf instruction for a fraction of the cost, and the software itself is very intuitive and easy to use."

Register here.

The online class "Nature Writing in Your Own Backyard" is available to anyone with an internet connection, or who even owns just a telephone. Instructions for accessing the online class on Thursday, June 20, will be sent to registrants no less than twenty-four hours prior to the start of class.

The nonprofit North Carolina Writers’ Network is the state’s oldest and largest literary arts services organization devoted to writers at all stages of development. For additional information, visit


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