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Good news from our members!

The North Carolina Writers' Network is happy to announce good news from our members. If you have had a piece published, won a prize in a competition, or received an award or honor for your writing, let us know and we'll post the news here. "Hats Off" announcements are available to members only. To post your item on the website, please click here.

Hats Off! to Valerie Nieman whose new collection of poems, Leopard Lady: A Life In Verse (Press 53), was reviewed in the Washington Independent Review of Books. "Traveling showfolk, river towns, Siamese twins, the rubber man—and there’s a professor that tell stories reverberating through the Leopard Lady’s contemplations and ruminations. Some parables are funny, some sad, all are profound in Lady’s innocence and discoveries. The Leopard Lady is the product of a powerful writer who knows what she wants and sets the Lady out to find it. Nieman, with vivid language, writes what Leopard Lady believes—including Bible teachings, dramatized and characterized through a fictional mind that suddenly becomes wholly real to us. This is about the stages of life for one whose perseverance is to seek pieces of the puzzle and even a piece of love. The poems are images of truth with stunning versatility."


Hats Off! to John A. Blackard whose YouTube channel collects audio recordings of selected poems from his five books.


Hats Off! to North Carolina Literary Hall of Fame inductee and current NC poet laureate Jaki Shelton Green who received an Indies Arts Award from INDY Week. "The Indies Arts Awards vividly capture what mattered in the Triangle in a given year, rooted in the arts but also transcending them, opening into political and social realms. The story of the Triangle’s art leaders always turns out to be the story of the Triangle itself, and it’s inspiring to see afresh how much the arts matter, and how amazing the people powering them are."


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