NC Literary Hall of Fame



Hats Off! to June Guralnick: selections from her play Birds of a Feather: a Comedy about De-Extinction appear in two new anthologies,The Best Men's Stage Monologues and The Best Women's Stage Monologues, both edited by Lawrence Harbison and published by Smith and Kraus. Birds of a Feather is a madcap romp about a time-travelling scientist who journeys a century into the past to New York City, circa 1912. His mission? To save the passenger pigeon. The play wrestles, in a screwball comedy kind of way (Bringing Up Baby meets Doctor Who), with the intersection of two unlikely bedfellows: the early conservation movement and the suffragist struggle. Add to the mayhem social satire, slapstick humor, and an eccentric family of radical women and the result is a comedic love story that evokes laughter on women’s changing roles while provoking more serious reflection on the nature of progress and the world’s disappearing species.


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