NC Literary Hall of Fame



Has Off! to Carmelita Nicole Swiner whose new book, The Superwoman Complex: A Follow Up Visit, was named an International Amazon #1 Bestseller and called a “Hot New Release” by Amazon. The Superwoman Complex: A Follow Up Visit teaches readers how to put into practice the twelve concepts originally introduced in Nicole's first book, How to Avoid the Superwoman Complex: 12 Ways to Balance Mind, Body and Spirit. Nicole explains, explains, "You don't have to be Superwoman to be a super woman. I define this complex or syndrome as the false notion of one woman being everything to everyone...perfectly. I want to give women the permission to set boundaries and take better care of themselves." The Superwoman Complex: A Follow Up Visit ranked #1 in the Amazon Kindle Store in the transpersonal stories of the "Health, Fitness & Dieting" category as well as in the "Transpersonal Psychology Medical Books" category. She also rose to #1 for work-related health books on Amazon; was named a #1 bestseller in Canada; and earned Top-5 International rankings in France, Germany, and Australia.


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