NC Literary Hall of Fame



Hats Off! to James T. Crouse whose legal thriller Broken Eagle was favorably reviewed by Diane Donovan, Senior Reviewer, in Midwest Book Review (Small Press Bookwatch, August). "Part of what sets Broken Eagle apart from genre thriller or investigative reads is its in-depth focus on military and aviation processes. Readers who are used to lawyer protagonists operating fairly narrowly in courtroom proceedings will be delighted to find that (the protagonist's) prowess and purposes embrace far more than courtroom environments and client encounters. Another notable feature of Broken Eagle is its attention to developing subplots that detail a host of special interests and their sometimes-conflicting interactions....The result is far more than the usual kind of story 'legal thriller' genre readers will expect, and is highly and especially recommended for anyone who appreciates military intrigue and aviation legal matters wound into the bigger picture of those who have sacrificed for their nation in more ways than one."


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