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Poems of Your Own - A Guide to Writing Personal Poetry by Richard Morgan

Morgan House Press
$12, paperback
ISBN: 979-8-570966239
January, 2021
Nonfiction: Writing / How-To
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Writing poetry should be rewarding. Richard Morgan should know, he's been writing it for a lifetime.

Richard Morgan is a master teacher and a struggling poet.

There's lots to learn in writing poetry.

Poems of Your Own is a guide, not a textbook. In it Richard Morgan, a lifelong teacher and poet, inspires, instructs, and encourages each of us to find our own words and use poetry as our means.

Richard tells us what he has learned in the past 60 years, the insights and appreciation for the poetic process.

He has organized his lessons into 39 Poet Points, each a small step in our effort to write a better poem, one that resonates between our intention and our reader’s imagination.

He shows us there is delight in both the poem and the process.

Richard Morgan has written eight books of poetry.

His poems describe the excursions of his imagination inspired by sixty years of life as a poet, parent, husband, student, and teacher. He lives with his wife, Pat, on a mountainside in western North Carolina spending much of his time writing poetry, and rewriting poetry, and teaching about writing poetry.

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