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A Heart on the River by John Bauer

Lysestrah Press
$12.99 paperback / $3.99, e-book
ISBN: 979-8-555075208
March, 2020
Fiction: Satire / Dramedy
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"Maybe it wasn't my best idea to play poker on Christ's Birthday."
—Fred Woody, Jr.

Free will? God’s will?

In the winter of 2011, Fred Woody Jr. deplanes in Dulles Airport in Washington, DC. He hungers for fame and fortune by winning a multi-million-dollar Texas Hold ‘Em Poker tournament.

Over the next three days, no obstacle will get in his way, or so he believes. Mishaps soon occur. Fred relives his personal misdeeds and pushes through many road bumps on his journey to the Atlantic City casino. Along the way, he meets several folks—some good, some bad, and some in-between. The choices he makes—both good and bad—define his every step.

Travel through the confines of Fred’s mind. See the world through his eyes. Share his experiences and learn from them.

You won’t find jingle bells or singing reindeer in this unique Christmas story, but you will discover a heart or two on the river.

The author designed the cover. It is in keeping with one of the novel's themes.

John Bauer read, lived, worked, loved, won much, and lost little, well before he ever wrestled with words. In 2007, fired as county manager for no good reason from a place he'd previously managed for six productive years, he mis-titled, and under-achieved with a textbook/cathartic memoir-boats, knots, other things. Undaunted, John sold health insurance and stocks and bonds, and then served five (5) twelve (12)-month tours in Iraq and Afghanistan as a Senior Governance Advisor for the US Department of State. In November 2013, he drafted All the Bay's Clams and All the Bay's Men, and A Heart on the River. Seven years and multiple re-writes later, these novels are published. His genres are adult contemporary, dark comedy, farcical, horror, erotic, and nonfiction. A believer in pre-destination and Divine Providence, John opines his stories' endings are not entirely his own. Born in Brooklyn, and raised on Long Island, New York, where he dug clams for eight summer seasons, John was schooled at Notre Dame and Syracuse, with detours to Mexico City, Mexico, Raleigh, and Little Rock, Arkansas. Since 1979, he has worked as a public servant in southeastern North Carolina. There, he and his wife raised three children and have six grandchildren. Oldmanwrite-website and brand-reflects by any quantitative measure, John is old.

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