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Nathan Hughes by Edward Garvey

Eden Stories Press
$10.00, paperback / $3.00, e-book
ISBN: 978-73517-4-3-9-6
May, 2021
Fiction: Literary
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"Nathan Hughes tells the story of a young soul in love with stories—seeing them on stage and on screen, overhearing them, embellishing them, writing them, and especially, telling them. From early adolescents into young adulthood, Nathan Hughes follows the life of an unforgettable young man—he lovable, ingenious teller of remarkable stories. While always remaining uniquely his own, the threads of Nathan Hughes' stories join the tapestry sewn by the Baby Boomers coming of age in the pivotal 1960s and early '70s. Readers will find Nathan Hughes and his stories absolutely essential."
—Jeffrey Kanode, Publisher, Eden Stories Press

“Why are stories so mighty powerful, you ask? Ah, Nathan, don’t you know—they are the very framework of our lives. Without stories, much of what we do is simply a random walk. We almost always build our tales to make a point. To give our lives structure. The structure of a beginning, a middle, and, when we can’t avoid it, an end.”

Nathan Hughes tells the tale of a storyteller. Addicted to story from youth, Nathan’s life is forever bent by fables, as much as his fantasies are shaped by life. Nathan Hughes also delves into the power of place—the impact of the immediate world that nurtures and guides us, yet can be unsettling, and in the rarest of moments, terrifying.

Edward Garvey began writing poetry, fiction, and plays in high school and started college as a creative writing major. After a brief 45-year diversion within the wonders of science, he returned to writing full-time and has published several poems. This is his first novel. He, his wife, and family have lived in Orange County, North Carolina, for a long time and blessed with all their many two- and four-legged friends.

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