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The ABCs of an Old Codger Named Jim - Parts I, II, and III by James Gildersleeve

International Forum for Management Systems, Inc.
$14.95, paperback
ISBN: 978-1891578441
February, 2019
Fiction: Short Stories
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"As the author of this book, I must say I really like it! Usually, when I read something I’ve written, I’m disappointed and find various things to criticize … passages that could have been said differently, or plot lines that are suspiciously off kilter. My reading of this book left me in wonder … did I really write these tales? I found stories to be entertaining, well written, and deserving of rereading! But, of course, I am the author … and perhaps a bit biased. I’d be very interested in getting your opinion. What do you think??
—The Author

A collection of short, easy to read stories on a variety of themes … always entertaining, never boring … perfect for reading when only limited time is available. Why does the title of book revolve on the ABCs? Have you ever thought about the exciting world of less used words and the trivia associated with them? I hadn’t, but that’s what I've adopted as a focus of this book. I have selected a word for each chapter, in alphabetic order, that has been given scant attention in my everyday conversation and explore interesting facts or stories regarding their meaning or usage. Now, you might be wondering how I selected the word to explore for each letter of the alphabet … for example, "A is for Aardvark." It’s simply a matter of what tickled my interest at the point of time that I began writing each new chapter. When I started, I had no preconceived idea of what words would be used for each chapter. I chose "aardvark," wrote the chapter, and then began consideration of what should follow in the B chapter. Each successive chapter followed a similar path. My objective was always to make each tale interesting I hope I succeeded. I also hope you find this collection of stories to be entertaining to you as well. If not … well, I’ll have another of my books to gather dust on the shelf above my computer. Published in three parts: Part I…A-M; Part II…N-T; Part III…U-Z.

The Old Codger … James Gildersleeve … is a retired (after 26 years) retail executive who, once retired, founded and managed a publishing company with an internationally recognized newsletter on management system standards, and related training videos. He currently enjoys writing short stories that began as a way to entertain his grandkids. He currently lives in Raleigh, North Carolina, but he and his wife, Robin, have lived in various locations, including California; Japan; Texas; and Virginia. He favors stories of an odd nature and writes in many genres.

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