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Stone of Her Destiny, from Cape Fear to Kintyre by Joanna A. McKethan

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ISBN: 978-1-940132-17-4
August, 2018
Fiction: Gothic Romance
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Meet Kenna Alford, sophisticated Scottish descendant of the spunky variety, of McAlister of the Loup lineage, whose special gift keeps everyone on edge.

Intersect 700 years of lies, conspiracies, and religious self-interest to reconnect with Scotland’s coronation stone called Stone of Destiny or The Speaking Stone that once seated the Ark of the Covenant, legend has it.

Consider Kenna’s grief over the death of her uncle-turned-father and her boyfriend’s rejection as she surmounts incredible odds to return from North Carolina to the land of her forebears in Scotland on assignment from her cousin and incredibly, from her seventh-generation ancestor's brother to cover a millennium event--the Stone's return after 700 years in England as a spoil of war, together with the ‘laird’ of Blackheart Castle, the attractive and arrogant Lane Campbell. Feel sparks fly as they team up on the castle sport of falconing.

A Speaking Stone sits silent in England for 700 years until it and an ancestor's brother's letters surface like live grenades left from old wars.

Will the red-haired North Carolinian plumb the secrets of the Stone and the societies who seek to possess it? Will she survive attempts on her life and delay the progress of a world dictator of an evil the world has not yet known? Will she win Lane’s heart over Tara, the raven-haired beauty betrothed to him? And is it the real Stone? And what does a man long dead know about the Stone, anyhow?

A whirlwind adventure encompasses two countries in this search for the Holy Grail. A love story that is both scorching and tender will make you want them to marry in spite of all odds.

Joanna McKethan, born in Harnett County to parents of English, Scottish, and French descent, lives on original property from ancestors who were the first Scottish settlers in the area on the Cape Fear River in the 1700s. A fine artist professional in watercolor and oils, signature member of Southern Watercolor and Watercolor Society of North Carolina, she teaches art and writes from her private studio j'Originals for thirty-seven years, accumulating thousands of students, many exhibits, and prize wins nationally. She is a poet published in literary magazines and anthologies, was chosen to study under Fred Chappell, won Writer's Digest's First Place 2008 Unrhymed Poetry Award. She loves the South which shows in her books: a Southern heroine in Estonia (Veiled in White), in North Carolina (Yuletide Folly) in Bavaria, Germany (A Deadly Provenance), or in Scotland (Stone of Her Destiny) just launched. Her characters meddle in affairs too lofty for them in spy and conspiracy thrillers, though they are not immune to romance. Love slams up against danger in castles and stately homes everywhere.

Graduate of UNC-Chapel Hill with B.A. in Philosophy (from Queens University). Studied year towards Masters of Divinity at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary in Wenham, Massachusetts.

Visit Joanna at,, and, @JoMcKethan, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc.

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