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Rubbing Elbows A to Z by Aldine King

A.Rex Press
ISBN: 978-0-9994302-4-8
May, 2018
Nonfiction: Memoir
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A former television actress reminisces about notable encounters.

Rubbing Elbows A to Z is a fun stroll down the memory lane of late-twentieth century pop culture, where the author recounts the thrill of working with her childhood TV heroes, including Robert Young, Raymond Burr, and Robert Stack; meeting music royalty like Berry Gordy and Quincy Jones; and pinch-me moments in the presence of film legends like Lana Turner and Jack Lemmon.

Author Aldine King shares 118 anecdotes of amusing and poignant encounters with celebrities that crystallize moments in time and touch on topics such as race, gender, and image and illustrates how fame shapes memory.

The anecdotes are strong with lots of detail. There is a nice interplay of what the general public believes about celebrities and events that have been well-documented and what the author witnessed first-hand. The insider's point of view is a very appealing way to tell these stories.

Aldine King is a 1968 graduate of the American Academy of Dramatic Arts and was a professional actress for twenty years. While living in Hollywood throughout the 1970s, she had co-starring and featured roles on many of the popular network shows of that time, including Medical Center, The Streets of San Francisco, The Mod Squad, and Ironside. She was a regular castmate in the sitcom Karen, Jack Webb's docudrama Project U.F.O., and the adventure series Hagen.

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