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Tunnel of Time by Jeannie Chambers

Red Press Co
$16.99, paperback / $4.99 eBook
ISBN: 978-0-998589954
October, 2017
Fiction: Middle Grade
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"Trapped between centuries and fantastical time travel, the three sisters learn what it means to be alone; but they also learn what it means to be together. From Helen Keller to Thomas Edison to Theophilus Van Kannel, inventor of the revolving door, the girls go on a journey of history and knowledge and along the way, figuring out what it truly means to be a family."
LitPick teen reviewer

"Tunnel of Time is a unique concept that allows the protagonists to visit with many characters from history. Fantastic, clever and educational MG story."
—Dennis Higgins, author of Time Pilgrim series and others

"Jeannie Chambers writes a fun, fascinating, yet educational, story with verve and imagination. I wish I'd had Tunnel of Time to read when I was young."
—Linda Anderson, author of Over The Moon, The Secrets of Sadie Maynard, When Night Falls

Do you think it's possible to be one place one minute, and then a completely different place the next? I'm talking a REALLY different place. My name is Gracie Hitt, and I did just that along with my sisters, Lizzie and Reba Dee. A normal Saturday at the County Fair turned out to be the most extraordinary time of our lives.

Jeannie Chambers lives in a small resort town in the mountains of western North Carolina. She partners with her husband as a real estate broker and vacation rental manager, but when she looks in the mirror, she sees a mother, grandmother, dog whisperer, time traveler, and much more. Her parents told her more than once, “You can go anywhere in the world you want, any time you want, just by reading a book.” Her sense of direction is a little off, but she doesn't mind getting lost if it’s in a good story.

Her goal is to write stories that make you think without being taught, and tickle your inquisitive bones where the only way to satisfy that itch is to read more and more. Be sure to follow her on social media and her website to catch up on her latest book news.

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