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When You're Called 'Mommy': The Joys and Heartbreak of Being a Foster Parent by Dr. Sophie Foster

WestBow Press
$25.00 paperback / $3.03, e-book
ISBN: 978-1512795875
February, 2018
Nonfiction: Family / Parenting
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Passionate, honest, suspenseful, a foster parent challenges the system’s goal of reunification. For anyone who has ever considered fostering, this book is a must-read!

“The impossible act of wholly loving a child with the expectation of letting them go,” begins the gripping chronicle of a foster parent’s journey through the system, intermingling a once routine existence with a new kaleidoscope of biological relatives, social workers and court-appointed officials. Suspenseful and engaging, this distinctive point of view, coupled with insightful first-hand accounts from other foster parents, social workers and former foster youth, expertly intertwines real-life experiences from multiple perspectives. This unique tour de force will leave you cheering, emotionally winded and mindfully contemplative. This narrative tale will leave you more informed and intentional about the roles each of us plays in influencing the life of a child.

Dr. Sophie Foster is a former foster parent, public speaker and retired naval officer. She has taught English, leadership and human behavior at a range of colleges and universities, including the U.S. Naval Academy. An advocate for empowering youth, she enjoys mentoring teenage girls.

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