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Just Down the Road by Dee Stribling

Finishing Line Press
$14.99, paperback
ISBN: 978-1-63534-263-5
June, 2017
Available from the publisher

“These are wonderful, contemplative poems, anthems to the Appalachian earth, the geography, the people, and ether that Dee Stribling evokes and commemorates with every syllable. 'Bells toll across the valley,' meting out time, conferring benediction. The earth turns and the prayerful language of the poet reckons it in all its mystery and kinship. Just Down the Road leads inevitably, movingly, back home.”
–Joseph Bathanti, former North Carolina Poet Laureate (2012-2014)

“Dee Stribling’s fingers strike a gentle fire in this chapbook, Just Down the Road–not unlike the one that Thoreau’s subtle touch enabled in Walden. Often, when I’m overcome with emotion, the first symptom is a burning sensation in my nose. Stribling’s offering is a first-degree nose stinger. It’s potent. It’s real. It unwinds loss, innocence, love, and it defines generations. This taut, beautiful collection has an uncanny ability to awaken memories that are surprisingly personal. Charmingly southern. Assuredly universal.”
–Dawn Shamp, author of On Account of Conspicuous Women

These poems are based on people and places that Dee Stribling has been fortunate enough to visit and get to know across the Appalachian foothills. The poems are woven together as a journey through memories of their lives and homes. 

Dee Stribling has always been interested in the relationship between culture and landscape (she holds a Ph.D in Geography from UNC-Chapel Hill). She is a two-time Sundress Academy for the Arts poetry winner, a Tupelo Press 30/30 “poet runner” (poem a day for thirty days), and her poetry has been in collections such as 200 New Mexico Poems. Other creative interests include writing songs, photography, and documentary film. Additional publications include Appalachian Picture Book (poems) from Finishing Line Press and Down East Picture Book (poems and photographs) available from Horse & Buggy Press.

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