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Hopscotch by Steve Cushman

Livingston Press
$30.00, hardcover / $17.95, paperback / $5.95, e-book
ISBN: 978-1-60489-178-2
May, 2017
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"In his latest novel, Cushman (Hospital Work, 2013, etc.) introduces a minor miracle into a staid hospital setting, and magic happens....A clear, inspiring story about needing a bit of hope to cross the distance."
Kirkus Reviews

"In this moving story, Steve Cushman takes us to the grounds of a city hospital, places where hope and despair, death and healing exist side by side. When a hopscotch board mysteriously keeps reappearing on a sidewalk near the hospital entrance, despite attempts to have it scrubbed away, what occurs is a kind of miracle. One that comes from remembered joys and shared laughter, from choosing to live fully. Cushman’s wonderful cast of characters will warm your heart, allowing you to believe again in the power of friendship rediscovered over a childhood game."
—Miriam Herin, Novello Literary Award winning author of Absolution and A Stone for Bread

"Steve Cushmon's Hopscotch transported me back to a time when I believed anything was possible and hope was tangible. What a beautiful story of the human spirit and how our arbitrary lives sometimes intertwine without notice. Original and stirring."
—Celeste Fletcher McHale, Okra Pick and bestselling author of The Secret to Hummingbird Cake

Hope can come in many forms, and in the novel Hopscotch, it comes in the form of a hopscotch board drawn on the sidewalk leading to the entrance of a hospital in Greensboro, North Carolina. Despite the hospital’s cleaning crew’s efforts to remove the board, it mysteriously re-appears every day. Eventually physicians, hospital employees, and patients, including Emily, an eight-year-old fighting cancer, and Stan, an Iraqi War veteran, are drawn to this hopscotch board. Hopscotch is a story about the healing power of hope and how the simplest thing can affect and change so many lives for the better.

Steve Cushman earned an MFA from UNC-Greensboro. After working as an X-ray Technologist for twenty years, he currently works in the IT Department at Moses Cone Memorial Hospital. His debut novel, Portisville, won the 2004 Novello Literary Award. He has published a second novel, Heart with Joy, as well as the poetry chapbooks Hospital Work and Midnight Stroll. Cushman lives in Greensboro with his family.

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