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Mysterious Moments: Thoughts that Transform Grief by Jane Williams, Ph.D

Library Partners Press
$12.95, paperback; $16.95, hardcover
ISBN: 978-1618460295
March, 2017
Creative Nonfiction
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"Dr. Williams, a gifted therapist and storyteller, uses the narratives of families to unpack an understanding of the grieving process and coping with loss. Her powerful writing illustrates how emotional connections made at unexpected times forge healing in the face of complicated mourning. The stories teach the reader both how to cope and how to approach helping others without taking a didactic stance, but rather with warmth and understanding. I highly recommend it."
—Gerald P. Koocher, Ph.D, ABPP, Professor of Psychology and Dean, DePaul University College of Science and Health; former President, American Psychological Association (2006)

"Beautifully written personal stories of grief and unexpected healing through moments that give new perspectives for each particular loss. Sure to offer both insight and hope to those who grieve and those who support them."
—Greg Adams, LCSW, ACSW, FT, Program Coordinator, Center for Good Mourning and Staff Bereavement Support, Arkansas Children's Hospital

"Clinical psychologist Jane Williams brings to a broad audience a profound gift in sharing representative stories of 'mysterious moments' that have brought healing to a diverse array of bereaved persons: parents, siblings, children, and clinicians. Its brief stories are clear, compelling, full of realistic details, and make the reader want to finish them in one sitting!"
—Rev. Mary Martha Thiel, Director of Clinical Pastoral Education, Hebrew SeniorLife in Boston, MA

A collection of ten stories based on real life experiences of loss. The stories are diverse and involve issues such as the insatiable need for affirmation by our parents, generational family dysfunction, death of an African American male by authorities, compassion burnout, and the effects of cultural attitudes on grieving. Although each story is unique, a common theme ties the narratives together. All of the grievers, despite their distress and suffering, experience moments in which they have transformative thoughts that allow them to reframe their grief. Each person finds meaning through this unconscious process, providing both healing and newfound hope.

Jane Williams, Ph.D, is a clinical psychologist who has worked for over twenty-five years with individuals who have experienced trauma, life threatening illnesses, and grief. Dr. Williams completed postdoctoral fellowships at the UCLA Neuropsychiatric Institute and Harvard Medical School. At Harvard, she trained at the Linda Pollin Institute for Medical Crisis Counseling. She has written over fifty peer-reviewed journal articles, three book chapters, and one test manual on various psychological topics as well as served on the editorial board of the Journal of Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics. She recently retired from Wake Forest Medical School as an Associate Professor of Pediatrics.

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