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Formaldehyde, Rooster: The Fourth Penny Weaver Mystery by Judy Hogan

Hoganvillaea Books
$15.00, paperback / $2.99, e-book
ISBN: 978-1534816381
December, 2016
Fiction: Mystery
Available from

Penny Weaver returns home after a relaxing summer in Wales, newly married to her beloved Kenneth Morgan. She learns: her daughter Sarah has left her husband and moved into Penny's room; Ralph Andrews, an unsavory politician, has taken over their community group, ActNow; and the local particle board plant's formaldehyde pollution is making people sick.

After a forum on air quality, Penny learns Andrews was killed by a massive dose of digitalis administered in his coffee,and her dear friend Cathy Clegg is suspected.

Judy Hogan was born in Zenith, Kansas, on May 27, 1937. She has lived in North Carolina and in the Triangle area for forty-six years. She brought to the state a new poetry journal (Hyperion, 1970-81) and in 1976 she founded Carolina Wren Press. She has been active in the area since the early 1970s as a reviewer, book distributor, publisher, teacher, writing consultant, and organizer of conferences, readings, and booksigning events. In 1984, she helped found and was the first President of the North Carolina Writers' Network, serving until 1987.

Her first mystery novel Killer Frost was published in 2012 by Mainly Murder Press in Connecticut. She has published six volumes of poetry with small presses, and three prose works: Grace: A China Diary, 1910-16; (2017), Watering the Roots in a Democracy (1989), and The PMZ Poor Woman’s Cookbook (2000). Her second mystery, Farm Fresh and Fatal, appeared Oct 1, 2014, also from Mainly Murder Press. A translation of her volume of poetry, Beaver Soul, was published by the Kostroma Writers’ Organization in 1997. The original English of Beaver Soul appeared in 2013 from Finishing Line Press in Kentucky. This River: An Epic Love Poem came out from Wild Embers Press in 2014.

Her papers, correspondence, and twenty-five years of extensive diaries are in the Special Collections Department of the Perkins Library at Duke University. She has taught all forms of creative writing since 1974, through libraries, in extension programs, and on her own. She taught Freshman English at St. Augustine’s College in Raleigh, 2004-2007. She teaches writing workshops and does freelance editing for creative writers. Since mid-2007 she has been able to give more time to her fiction, creative nonfiction, and poetry.

Between 1990 and 2007, she visited Kostroma, Russia, five times, teaching American literature at Kostroma University in 1995, and working on some exchange visits and publishing with Kostroma writers and artists. She gave a paper on the Russian poet, Anna Akhmatova, at a Literature Conference at Kostroma University in March, 2007.

She is active in environmental and community issues in Chatham County, was a member of the Steering Committee of the Chatham Coalition (2004-06), and she belongs to NC WARN, Carolina Farm Stewardship Association, Sisters in Crime, The NC Writers' Network, Southeast Chatham Citizens’ Advisory Council, and Chatham Citizens Against Coal Ash Dump, a Blue Ridge Environmental Defense League chapter. In 2013, she began to work against fracking and now against coal ash shipping by Duke Energy to two sites near her, which threaten her home and small farm in Southeast Chatham County.

Judy lives and farms in Moncure, near Jordan Lake.

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