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Permutations among the Nightingales by David Garrett Izzo

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$5.00, paperback / $2.99, e-book
ISBN: 978-1-520678566
November, 2016
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"With remarkable elan, David Garrett Izzo unfolds the secret origami of our minds and constitutions in his new book, Permutations among the Nightingales. It’s a fierce collection of philosophical raps, tributes to culture heroes, and the naked autobiography of a man to whom life has given both great pain and great pleasure. Reading Izzo’s poems, you wind up in unexpected places, for he is one of the great secrets of American literature." 
—Kevin Killian, American poet, author, editor, and playwright

"The poems in David Garrett Izzo’s Permutations among the Nightingales are full-voiced and whole-hearted. They range from quiet meditations—on teaching, on power, on poetry—to unabashed celebrations of the poet’s heroes—Springsteen, Auden, Huxley, and less famous exemplars of the twin arts of seeing clearly and living consciously. In a time when much poetry is guarded and cautious, these brave poems don’t flinch from expressing the big emotions—heartbreak, gratitude, rage, tenderness."
—April Lindner, author of Skin, winner of the Walt McDonald First Book Prize

David Garrett Izzo has published four novels, three plays, five short stories, and seventeen poems, as well as seventeen books and sixty essays of literary scholarship. David has published extensively on the Perennial Spiritual Philosophy of Mysticism (Vedanta) as applied to literature. He is inspired by Aldous Huxley, Bruce Springsteen, his wife Carol, and their five cats: Huxley, Max, Princess, Phoebe, and Luca. Two of his novels are fantasies with cats as characters: Maximus in Catland and Purring Heights:

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