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The Superwoman Complex: A Follow- Up Visit
$7.99, e-book / $15.00, paperback
ISBN: 978-0986370212
September, 2016
Nonfiction: Health / Transpersonal
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Since the release of her first book, How to Avoid the Superwoman Complex: 12 Ways to Balance Mind, Body and Spirit in March, 2015, Dr. Swiner (AKA DocSwiner) has been speaking locally and nationally for organizations, groups, high schools, and universities about stress management, health matters, and self-care. Her first book described what the Superwoman Complex is, this follow-up book describes what to do about it. As a follow up to the first book, she has added more in-depth information on a plan of action to attack this syndrome in order to live a fuller, more satisfied life. DocSwiner continues to give real-life examples of how she works to achieve a work-life balance as a working mom and entrepreneur to help others.

Dr. C. Nicole Swiner, MD, is a Partner and Family Physician at Durham Family Medicine in Durham. She attended the University of North Carolina completing her Family Medicine Residency in 2007. She graduated from the Medical University of South Carolina with her Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) in 2004 and she completed her Bachelor’s Degree at Duke University. She is the author of two books: How to Avoid the Superwoman Complex: 12 Ways to Balance Mind, Body and Spirit and The Superwoman Complex: A Follow Up Visit. Dr. Swiner is also the founder of “New Year, New You” a women’s health conference currently set for January 7, 2017.

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