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Spark: Poetic Creations by Aruna Gurumurthy

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
$14.00, paperback / $5.99, e-book
ISBN: 978-1-535026604
August, 2016
Available from CreateSpace and

Spark is a vibrant and colorful work of art that is a manifestation of author Aruna Gurumurthy's mind and its many ramifications.

It is an original collection of poems that uses captivating words and visuals to "spark" our minds to think, act, and react in a manner contributing to unity in diversity and collective harmony. It draws values from personal challenges, catastrophes, and sacrifices, and is a summary of Gurumurthy's vision and victory in the modern world.

Using a splash of creativity and imagination, Spark hopes to end modern day evils such as discrimination, dogma, stigma, violence, and war.

"I am repulsed by ill treatment to humanity, a lack of respect and overall animosity between people and countries and I urge all of us to change and carry the 'spark' for change," says Gurumurthy.

Aruna Gurumurthy is a fun-loving dreamer, visionary thinker, and writer all rolled into one. Born in India, her experiences and discoveries brought her across continents to Amherst, MA, at the turn of the century.

She developed a keen interest in social change by closely studying vulnerable people she came in contact with. Spending time in labs, classrooms, clinics, and the community while at Duke, University of North Carolina, and beyond, she discerns the mental divide between "normal" and "abnormal." Through her poems, Aruna creates solutions to complex problems and strives to achieve balance in the human mind and the world.

Aruna lives with her wonderful family—her husband and toddler daughter in Chapel Hill. She enjoys caring for her plants, finds excitement in beauty, and has an incessant curiosity for life. She has an avid ear for music of all hues and enjoys lap swimming. Spark is Aruna’s first book of poems.

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