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Haw: The Second Penny Weaver Mystery by Judy Hogan

Hoganvillaea Books
$2.99, e-book
May, 2016
Fiction: Mystery
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"Haw is a testimony to how jealousy and anger can propel an average person to murder.

"Penny often wonders what kind of mother could have raised such immature, impulsive, careless young men as both Curt and his twin brother Sy. Through her conversation with Kenneth, there is interesting social commentary on modern child rearing. Chrissy's behavior provides point and counterpoint to Penny's speculations.

"There are other pairs in the book as well and more social commentary. Penny and Kenneth's romance is 'old love.' Their relationship is a foil for that of Penny's daughter Sarah and her husband Ed. Theirs is new, young love. Penny's ability to hold her own in the relationship is contrasted with Sarah's clingy dependence on her husband.

"Ms. Hogan seems to be saying through her characters that a good marriage is indeed possible, but that it must be based on respect, as well as a mutual desire to allow the other person to be the best that he or she can be. Haw is a wonderful old school 'Who Done It?' and a masterful social commentary on marriage and children. I loved it!!!"
–Mary Susan Heath, writer in Goldsboro

Penny Weaver, living in a shared house to save money, finds her unsavory, sex-obsessed landlord dead the day after Christmas. An unusual snow storm, a housemate undeterred by detective orders from moving his inordinately large number of possessions, certified and uncertified maniac suspects, which include her housemates, the neighbors, and both the landlord’s wives, make it difficult for Penny and her Welsh lover to find love-making time, much less solve the mystery. Despite the Sheriff’s detectives arresting two innocent people, while keeping Penny in the dark, she collects the key information, and stops the killer when he finally panics.

Judy Hogan writes mystery novels, poetry, autobiographical books, reviews, and articles. Her Hoganvillaea Farm provides about half her food. She sells eggs and figs. Her newest book, The Sands of Gower: The First Penny Weaver Mystery came out December 1, 2015. Last year, This River: An Epic Poem, came out from Wild Embers Press in December, 2014. Her mystery Killer Frost was published by Mainly Murder Press on September 1, 2012. Julia Spencer-Fleming rated it "A stellar debut!" Farm Fresh and Fatal was published October 1,2013 and is still in print. Mystery Scene Mag called it "fascinating." Judy is a founder and was the first president of the North Carolina Writers' Network.


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