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The Family in the Mirror by Drew Bridges

$23.95, hardcover / $14.95, paperback / $3.99, e-book
December, 2015
Fiction: Psychological Drama / Mystery
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The Family in the Mirror unfolds a story of hidden identity and survival.

An abused child named Melinda is taken by child welfare services to a mental health clinic.

Despite the best intentions of the clinic director, John Randt, Melinda does not get the help she needs and returns to a cult-like existence.

More than a decade later, adult Melinda comes back into the life of John Randt. But this time she is not alone; she is guided by a mysterious woman who offers Melinda a way out the prison that is her father's home. In the plan, someone must die.

John Randt is now a troubled man, battered by loss and circumstance, emotionally alone and vulnerable. He falls into a relationship with Melinda and finds himself presented with the option of killing or dying. His only escape is to recognize the true identity of those who offer his life as a sacrifice so Melinda can be free.

Drew Bridges is a retired psychiatrist who writes works of fiction and memoir that are informed by his forty years as a clinician. Originally an English major who lost his nerve about earning a living with writing or teaching, he received his medical school and psychiatry specialty training at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill. He practiced in a combination of public and private practice settings and eased into retirement by opening a bookstore in the town of Wake Forest, where he lives with his wife Lauren. He ran the bookstore for seven years, using it as an "internship" to again return to being an English major. Now he reads, writes, and teaches storytelling and creative writing at the Senior Center of Wake Forest.

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