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The Corrupted Kingdom by Jesse Galena

Jesse Galena
$0.99, e-book
October, 2015
Fiction: Horror/Fantasy
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Suspended in degradation, that dismal place draws people from all over the world.

Rumors say riches, secrets, and cures for all ailments rest within its borders. However, they hide between roaming abnormalities, monsters that defy the laws of nature and human understanding.

Within the twisted borders of that once-great Empire, not even the shrouded sunlight can aid foreigners in their pilgrimage. The past and the future become a mix of nearly connected events. Time itself holds no tangible meaning there. Some buildings stand while others collapse. Some weeds grow and choke the landscape while fires burn without fuel.

Perhaps the mysterious source of why it fell all those years ago is the same reason it still stands today. Contained within this tome are seven accounts from several unfortunate souls, proving only the mad and the desperate would dare to discover what truly lies inside that unhallowed kingdom.

In the blackness of the night, Jesse Galena's mind slipped beyond the confines of mortal planes. Knitted within nightmares and dreams, he found a land where he did not obey rules, he made them. He found a place where the unconventional can become standard; a spectacle beyond what eyes can behold, but not more than the mind can comprehend. May the worlds beyond be as influential and entertaining to you as they are to him, and may he be a worthy guide.

Jesse and his wife enjoy collecting Halloween paraphernalia, making costumes for any occasion they can think of, playing video games, buying too many Magic: The Gathering cards, trash talking over board games, and (usually) avoiding human interaction. He enjoys anything science-related that brings him closer to Ghost in the Shell, learning about dinosaurs, and sword fighting. He absolutely loves tabletop RPGs, and if he could only play one kind of game for the rest of his life, it would be those.

He lives in a modest quadplex in Charlotte, North Carolina, and dreams to one day expand his family by owning a few cats.

For RPG stories and ideas, reviews, other thoughts, and an assortment of fun stuff, go to website:

To contact him, e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., follow him on Twitter @RexiconJesse, or like him on Facebook,

You and your thoughts are important to him, so he would love to hear from you.

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