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A Musical Kaleidoscope of My Mind: From Elvis to The Beatles by Christine T. Wethman

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$15.00, paperback
ISBN: 978-1517717100
October, 2015
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Imagine discovering that those songs you listened to from the '60s and '70s related to God! Each meditation provides a journey down memory lane to a time marked by Woodstock, anti-war protests, and flower power!

In this book of ten Christian devotions/short essays, each selection centers around songs that were popular in the '60s and '70s and how their lyrics relate to what the Bible teaches. Hand-colored designs reflecting the theme of each essay are included in the book.

A childhood yearning to own a piano was one indicator of Christine T. Wethman's love for music. Music is her source of strength, comfort, and peace. In sixth grade she won a prize in a New York Fire Prevention Essay Contest, an indication of her love for writing.

Musical Kaleidoscope of My Mind is a book that binds together her passion for the Bible, music of the Baby Boomer generation, and longstanding love for writing and coloring.

Each devotional is a trip down memory lane.

For most of her career she served in the non-profit religious sector. During that time, a desire to study scripture led to the co-development of two Bible studies on Listening and Servant Leadership.

She resides in Mebane with her husband Joe and their precocious beagle, Stella. They lived in Central Florida for thrity years, raising their daughters Lisa and Kelly. In 2006 she received a B.A. in Organizational Behavior from Rollins College (Winter Park, FL). Two years later she earned her MS in Positive Organizational Development and Change from the Weatherhead School of Management, Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, OH.

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