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Blood & Secrets by T.Q. Bernier

Lulu Publishing
$23.99, paperback / $3.99, e-book
ISBN: 978-1-4834-3100-0
August, 2015
Fiction: Romance/Suspense
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"I was mesmerized. It was impossible for me to put the book aside. As I was at the end, I felt something was missing. I was seeking for more! Perhaps T.Q. Bernier has her readers just begging for more? Is another sequel on its way? I hope so!"
—Nancy Danet Laplace

"Blood & Secrets is captivating! It will grab you with the first words and catapult you into a story of love, hate, greed, and honor. You will not want to put the book down."
—Marilyn Pearson

"Blood & Secrets is a fascinating page turner that will surely keep you on edge. This novel takes the reader on an exciting journey from Denmark to the beautiful islands of the US Virgin Islands. With each new chapter a new secret unfolds and captivates the reader as the story moves from island to island. It is a treasure to be uncovered."
—Ann Gloria Questel

A nearly drowned and battered young woman is plucked from the sea by the captain of a passing frigate on the passage from Denmark to St. John, Danish Virgin Islands. Strong-willed and beautiful, the woman is a mystery to all. She has amnesia, and its cause is unknown. Dubbed "Lily" for her watery, delicate appearance, she soon finds herself entangled in the life of the handsome ship’s captain, Alex, who is not sure if he believes her amnesia, and finds her unusual abilities suspicious―and tantalizing.

On the same frigate, Alex’s cousin, Cassandra, is headed to St. John, full of trepidation about returning home to an island she thought she would never see again. Despite the extreme circumstances that forced her to leave, and the efforts of a brother set on ruining her reputation, she is determined to save her family’s estate. However, she will need to face her spurned lover, Zack, from whom she hides secrets. Lily is confused. How did she end up in the middle of the ocean, fighting for her life? Was it shady circumstances that led her there? Who is she? And what is the explanation for her excellent marksmanship, or her dexterity in handling a horse and a rudder?

Worried about where the truth may lead, she nonetheless knows she must seek it out. As the two women's lives intertwine, a loyal friendship is formed. Their quests to uncover the truth will climax one fateful night in a terrifying impasse when long hidden secrets are laid open. Set amidst the palm trees and sugar plantations of St. John, this adventurous romance will carry you away on the fragrant breezes and windswept coasts of an island in the shadow of World War One. Intrigue, mysteries, and passion abound in this tale of love lost, lovers found, and dangers in their midst.

T.Q. Bernier was born in St. Thomas, USVI. Her first novel, Blood & Parcels, garnered numerous five stars ratings soon after its release in January, 2014. She is a real estate broker, and resides with her husband, James, in Cary, North Carolina. Please visit or to connect with the author.

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