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Buried Seed by Martha O. Adams

House of Myrrth
$13.99, paperback
ISBN: 978-0980141818
March, 2015
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"Between what Martha O. Adams sees and what she says about it dwells a field of music that shapes her every expression. The world doesn't look, or sound, the same as it did once you look up from her poems."
—Laura Hope-Gill, poet laureate of the Blue Ridge Parkway and Director, Thomas Wolfe Center for Narrative

"Adams' poetry engages the senses and envelops the soul, always evoking through her multitude of voices, a harmonious image of humanity and our interconnectedness with the natural world."
—Jessica Nevitt, MA, Educator and Blogger for New York Times Schoolbook

"In these poems, you are invited to bear witness to transformative moments as experienced by a writer who tenderly cares for them as if they were seedlings and she looks to your hands to hold them, soil, roots and all. Martha O. Adams' handling of words is authentic, precise, and in the moment, a reflection of how she chooses to live her life. In a transplanted state after meditating with her work, I am in a carefully constructed place which invites my own journey. I cannot think of any higher praise for a poet than to say she moves the reader this far, creating one's own place of beginnings. Much like a buried seed."
—Jay Joslin, author, One for the Nameless; poet, clinician/counselor, community minister

As we stumble into awareness of our impact on the earth, Adams' poems are lit candles that focus the eye with her ruthless gaze into the human heart. She finds there a sanctuary of uncommon strengths and shadowed frailties where buried seeds root and bloom.

Adams makes a garden in your heart's fertile ground and sows her love poems with an experienced hand. "You must marry the earth," she announces. Tender moments shine like prisms hung in a breeze. She takes you where time disappears; inside an okra seed, wilderness canoeing, making love, even inside a dream to take a lesson with a blues man. You'll stand "ankle deep in this heathen holy land" at ocean's edge, time travel to swing from a beam in a Kansas barn, and mourn with her the savage losses common to us all.

Martha O. Adams studied cello from second grade through college, rich compost for the musicality of her verse. Adams' poetry springs from roots in Ohio, Kansas, Illinois, and Connecticut. Her tree of poems has flourished long in the mountains of western North Carolina, bearing winter fruit in the Florida Keys. She has two other collections of poems: What Your Heart Needs to Know (2008) and Peeling the Rind (2000). Her Reader's Theater Play poem, "She Rises Through the Sickle Moon," has been performed in locations from New England to Florida.

Adams' poems have been published in magazines and four anthologies, most recently in the pages of Crossing Lines Anthology; Main Street Rag (2015), and The Southern Poetry Anthology, Vol.VII, NC (Texas Review Press, 2015).

Martha performs her poems wherever invited with a sense of joy for opportunities to awaken a love for poetry that lies sleeping in the human heart. She grows most of the family vegetables in her organic garden and lives with her husband, Bob, in Hendersonville.

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