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 Spy Doc by Catherine Yee

Whiskey Creek Press
$3.99, e-book
September, 2014
Fiction: Thriller
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This is a different kind of spy story about men and women who seek to understand what makes the varied assortment of world leaders and other world notables, both good and evil, tick. They gather and assess information gleaned from endless hours of research and file gathering, to put together a profile that will provide our government the tools needed to deal with these people and their governments.

Buried in the bowels of one of the several intelligence agencies in the US government is an office of clandestine medical personnel. Their mission is to analyze the health and mental state of international persons of interest and report their findings to America’s policymakers. The team is on call 24/7 to comment on and analyze any written observations, pictures or videos of such persons of interest that may come into the hands of the U.S. government. The goal is to provide timely information to policymakers and negotiators so that the United States of America may achieve maximum success in dealing with the people concerned. Usually this is done in the safe confines of the Agency walls, but sometimes the analysts are forced to place themselves in harms way. Through it all and despite the circumstances, their Code of Honor is to Do No Harm.

Catherine Yee is an Air Force, Vietnam-era veteran assigned to the Strategic Air Command Headquarters, 8th Air Force, at Westover AFB, Massachussets, in 1960. After her husband's discharge from the Air Force, they moved to his hometown of Shreveport, Louisianna. A few years following, she went to work for AT&T's telephone manufacturing plant in Shreveport where she worked for twenty-one years. In the late 1980s her husband took a promotion with Gannett News Service and they moved to Northern Virginia. There, Yee worked for a mortgage bank. Following that, she worked for the Central Intelligence Agency where sje remained for sixteen years until her retirement in 2005.

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