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The Narratives: Evolution by Vince Guaglione

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$6.95, paperback / $0.99, e-book
ISBN: 978-1500260842
June, 2014
Personal growth, Personal transformation, Philosophy/Consciousness and Thought
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The Narratives is a collection of short introspective essays written by an average guy in an effort to better understand himself, his life, and his relationship with the world around him while traveling the road of self-discovery. This series can best be described as the author's unique brand of journaling, encompassing both self-reflective entries, and an expression of thought and opinion surrounding social issues of the present day.

The Narratives: Evolution documents a new chapter in the author's personal growth, following a period of instability, grief, and mourning brought on by the death of a loved one. Each short journal-style essay presented in this work touches on the author's search for substance, depth, and purpose, and is written with full transparency, providing the reader with a unique window into the author's soul.

The Narratives: Evolution, is the fourth volume in The Narratives series.

Vince Guaglione is a guy who asks lots of questions, not only of himself but of his society and the world around him. Although he claims he's found no real answers, that hasn't stopped him in his quest to gain perspective on a little something we call life. When he's not at his real job, you can find him sucking down venti-sized coffees at a brisk pace his local Starbucks, thinking up new writing projects, or pondering his mystery questions of life. Originally from Philadelphia PA, Vince now resides in Raleigh NC.

While working on working his Narratives series, Vince pulled together some ideas from his youth and crafted two stories, classified in the short fictional realm, titled "Chasing Angels" and "Eva."

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