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Trash Told Tales edited by Vicki Sapp and William Matthew McCarter

Fat Daddy's Farm
$2.99, e-book
November, 2014
Available at

Join the contributors to Trash Told Tales in exploring what it means to be really be white trash.

Trash Told Tales features writing by seventeen scholars, essayists, and poets whose work is unsparing and lewd, poignant, and at times, funny. With unflinching honesty and sometimes gratuitous profanity, they write about petty theft and STDs, domestic violence and substance abuse, mullets and Wal-Mart and gasoline pumps and Velveeta. They spell wresting "r-a-s-s-l-i-n-g" and have insatiable affinities for fried eggs and canned Coca-Cola. They write about homes both broken and unbreakable, both violent and hospitable; telling tales of fiercely-bound families who would kill one another just as easily as they would kill for one another.

With the aim of advancing the idea that poor whites are an “other” demographic in America, Trash Told Tales hopes to “open up a discursive space where the ‘other’ can speak... [acting as] a vehicle in which they can name the world.” Readers from many different walks of life will discover someone they know in this collection of stories—a childhood friend, or the neighborhood legend, or the oft-misunderstood great uncle of a generation passed—coming away with a greater sensitivity for the stories that live behind the label "white trash."
—E. Ce Miller, M.A., Writer

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