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Press 53
$14.95, paperback
ISBN: 978-1-941209-04-2
May, 2014
Fiction: Country Noir
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"Almost all Taylor Brown’s stories are family dramas, stories of blood and kinship, betrayal, and conflicted loyalties. Set sometimes in the past, other times in the present or future, and told with verve in a fresh and memorable voice, these stories reward the reader with surprise, authenticity, and the mystery of human connection."
—Robert Morgan, author of The Road from Gap Creek and North Carolina Literary Hall of Fame inductee

"With ferocious economy and a great big heart, Taylor Brown writes one of the best debuts I've ever picked up. These are stories, verses, meditations, and accusations—everything, in short, you could hope to get from important fiction.This work demands your attention."
—Charles Dodd White, author of A Shelter of Others and Sinners of Sanction County

“Taylor Brown’s prose is stark but electric; it grabs you by the shoulders and the heart, and doesn’t let go. The signing of this collection is a cause for celebration for Press 53 and our readers.”
—Christine Norris, Fiction Editor, Press 53

In his debut story collection, In the Season of Blood and Gold, author Taylor Brown presents the reader with twelve stories told "with ferocious economy and a great big heart" (Charles Dodd White). These are stories of bootleggers and poachers, outlaws and alligator wrestlers, set in the hills and coasts of the American South, written in prose that's been called "stark but electric" (Christine Norris).

In "Rider," winner of the 2009 Montana Prize in Fiction, game wardens catch a poacher red-handed with his kill: geese for Christmas supper. In "Kingdom Come," a finalist for the 2010 Press 53 Open Awards, a young moonshiner is pursued by the McEvoy clan, a family of notorious outlaws hell-bent on vengeance. In "The Tattooist's Daughter," first published in The Coachella Review, a successful tattoo artist parries blows from her disapproving mother. And in "The Vizsla," a young gun-dog trainer must decide whether to save his abusive, alcoholic father from a savage beating.

Robert Morgan calls these "stories of blood and kinship," told "with verve in a fresh and memorable voice."

Taylor Brown's short fiction has appeared or is forthcoming in Chautauqua, The Baltimore Review, The New Guard Review, BULL, CutBank, The Coachella Review, storySouth, and many others. He won the 2009 Montana Prize in Fiction, and he's been a finalist for the Machigonne Fiction Contest and Doris Betts Fiction Prize. His story collection, In the Season of Blood and Gold, was published by Press 53 in 2014. He lives in Wilmington, North Carolina, and his website is You can follow him on Twitter @taybrown.

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