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Dirtbags by Eryk Pruitt

Immortal Ink Publishing, LLC
11.95, paperback / 2.99, e-book
April, 2014
Southern Noir, Crime
Available from the author or

"Fearless, unflinching, and gut-wrenching. You're not going to want to put it down."
—Will Millar, author of Infernal Machines

"I almost walked into a pillar this morning getting off the train at Grand Central I was so engrossed in Dirtbags by Eryk Pruitt."
—Brian Centrone, author of Ordinary Boy and Erotica

The blame for a county-wide murder spree lies at the feet of three people broken by a dying mill town: Calvin, a killer; London, a cook; and Rhonda, the woman who loves them both. Neither they, nor the reader, see the storm brewing until it's too late in this Southern Gothic noir that adds a transgressive, chicken-fried twist to a story ripped straight from the pages of a true crime novel or an episode of Dateline NBC.

Calvin Cantrell searches for meaning in life and believes he stumbled across it when approached by Tom London to murder his meddling ex-wife. However, Calvin discovers things about both himself and Corrina London during his trip to Dallas to do the deed—things that have horrible repercussions to himself and the small town from which he hails. Meanwhile, Tom London feels the noose tighten as both the local Sheriff and his current wife begin putting together puzzle pieces after Corrina's horrific murder. And could Rhonda Cantrell's disastrous luck with men do more damage to the community than her serial killer husband or philandering lover?

Every so often, literature offers us a glimpse of where humanity succeeds.

This is not that story.

Eryk Pruitt is a screenwriter, author and filmmaker living in Durham, NC, with his wife Lana and cat Busey. His short film "Foodie" won several awards at film festivals across the US. His fiction appears in The Avalon Literary Review, Pulp Modern, Thuglit, Swill, and Pantheon Magazine, to name a few. In 2013, he was a finalist for Best Short Fiction in Short Story America. Dirtbags is his first novel. A full list of credits can be found at

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