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A Bowl of Rice by Joan Leotta

Desert Breeze Publishing
$2.99, e-book
March, 2014
Romance: Young Adult
Available from

Book Three in Legacy of Honor Series. Anna O'Shea must balance her feelings for boyfriend against commitment to serve in Vietnam as a nurse. Once in the war zone she works to save lives, learn who is really the man for her, and participates in the daring rescue of her room mate and others at a Vietnamese orphanage


Anna Maria looked at her watch. It was only an hour until she was supposed to meet Michael to discuss his plans. She wondered if he would be on time or not. She imagined that he was in the thick of the demonstration and had either burned his draft card already or was running to meet the mounted policemen. Michael was always in the midst of the trouble. Anna Maria smiled ruefully to herself. No, she corrected herself. Michael is always the one instigating the trouble. She had to admit that it was nearly impossible to correct Michael. Even his professors had a hard time denying him. His sparkling blue eyes, coal black curly hair, and lop-sided grin were hard to refuse. That grin of straight, even teeth illuminated the room around him and acted as a magnet, pulling everyone deep into his soul and definitely into his orbit.

Joan Leotta is the author of two other books in this series as well as a multitude of articles for newspapers and magazines, a travel book and a history book for children. She is also a poet and has won awards for her short fiction—mysteries and historical.

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