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Kill That Sorry Ass N---- by Jerry Hayes

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ISBN: 978-1481260077
February, 2012
Fiction / African American / Urban Life
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Most Americans refrain from using “the N-word.” The word is so vile it cannot be spoken; it evokes images of slavery and many people today want to ban the word from use. There is however, a small minority of black folk who use the word with endearment toward family and friends. To some it’s a badge of honor; they don’t want to forget the past.

Like contemporary authors Eric Jerome Dickey and Michael Baisden, Jerry Hayes smartly plumbs the depths of human nature to create characters who are flawed, outrageous – and utterly believable. The things they do might be shocking, but they’re always entertaining.

Kill That Sorry Ass N---- is a modern-day novel about John Colby, a good man who’s trying hard to get ahead. But his janitorial business is full of dirty secrets. John’s boss is carrying a grudge against him. His girlfriend’s ex is making trouble. And John’s money problems keep getting worse. Then one night he spies someone behaving suspiciously, near an industrial garbage container. Is John imagining things? Or has he stumbled upon a crime in progress that could really pay off – if he’s willing to get his own hands dirty, too?

Jerry Hayes developed a love for writing in 1966 when stationed in the mountains of Pleiku, South Vietnam. It started when he began keeping a journal of his daily activities and surroundings.

After the war he received a Certificate of Proficiency in writing from Palmer Writers School; and later in the ‘70’s, in his home town of Goldsboro, North Carolina, he wrote human interest articles on local business men and other prominent people. It was challenging and fun taking ordinarily boring people and turning them into interesting residents of the city.

Author Jerry Hayes based Kill That Sorry Ass N---- on his professional expertise and on events he observed in his career as a successful janitorial contractor. Although the book is fictional, Hayes was inspired by the racism he experienced. It fueled his anger against a system that was slow to implement reforms that would allow participation by minority-owned businesses.

Hayes spent one year as a human interest writer/reporter for a bi-weekly newspaper, and continues to study writing on his own. He is a Vietnam War veteran and lives with his family near Raleigh, North Carolina.To obtain a review copy or to contact the author for an interview, please email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Visit the author on the web at

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