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Get a Grip: Parenting Tips I Wish I'd Known Then That You Can Know Now by Robin Banks

Robo Press
$14.00, paperback
ISBN: 978-0615662282
August, 2012
Available at

In Get a Grip: Parenting Tips I Wish I'd Known Then That You Can Know Now, Robin Banks strikes out to change the generational cycles that go back to Eden in which preparation for parenthood was, if anything, an afterthought.

Think of her, a neighborhood mom, as the universal cheerleader for preparation before the sperm-egg collision, an event that veteran parents know catpults would-be parents into a dramatic, lifestyle change where the relative calm of a pre-baby existence vanishes like a perp at a crime scene in the daily whirlwind of family living.

Through anecdotes, Banks peels back in plain view successes and mistakes she and her husband experienced as they struggled through the deep waters of family demands. Presenting her family on the big screen in HD, she wins the reader's trust with a weathered wisdom gained from twenty-five years of parenting children at home that is conveyed through her wry humor and friendly approach. By replacing ignorance with knowledge, her wish is for future, and new parents too, to have an easier life that reduces the stress and frustration that often push parents to their knees either in prayer or apoplexy. This is the one book that provides a head start for future parents and a jumpstart for new parents.

Robin Banks was born in Gastonia, North Carolina. She is a retired Spanish teacher, wife of thirty-eight years, mother of three adult children, and grandmother to her two "adorables," Sophia, six years old and Lincoln, three.

When she is not writing, she spends much of her time visiting them in Arlington, Virginia, participating in Bible studies, and traveling with friends. For twenty-five years during which time her children were in school, from kindergarten through high school, she was active either in the PTA or the PTO. She participated in every job from being the president of those organizations to chairing fundraisers and heading up or serving on various school and community committees. As she likes to say, she danced every dance and enjoyed every minute. During this time when Robin was in the throes of rearing her family of one husband, three children, two dogs, multiple stray cats, assorted tropical fish, a pink and a blue Easter chick, a token rodent, and seasonal hermit crabs, she had little idea what she was doing.

She is a passionate writer who brings to the forefront of parenting the need to change the generational cycles of the past in which would-be parents did not prepare for parenthood to a new generational cycle where young people thinking of having a family prepare well before the first baby leaves the hospital, that is, before life dramatically changes forever. Ten years after her last child left home for college, she has proven to be the real deal, a neighborhood mom who writes frankly about her family when children lived at home, so the next generation can know from the outset what she did not know when she first became pregnant. Now a baby boomer on the far side of day to day parenting, she has written Get a Grip: Parenting Tips I Wish I'd Known Then That You Can Know Now in which she gains her reader's trust with a weathered wisdom conveyed through her warm, friendly approach and wry humor, evident not only in this book but in its future sequel as well, Get a Grip II.

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