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Keep This Quiet Too! by Margaret Harrell

Saeculum University Press
$17.95, paperback / $3.95, e-book
ISBN-13: 978-0983704539 (pbk)
October, 2012
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“Margaret Harrell baited the hook and I bit. Boy did I bite....She used titillation, and a masterful way of revealing herself to build engrossment, starting with Keep This Quiet! ANY thinking, living person will be locked in from the beginning. Knowledge of the three men is not a must. She oozes sexuality, sensuality, and I believe these traits go towards interweaving the three men. I believe it to be spellbinding. A hot sweaty tango of words. The bottom line is this. Not many books fulfill my reading needs. By this I mean covering a range of emotion. Keep This Quiet Too! did it for me. I loved it.”
—Martin Flynn, owner of

“A book with so many dimensions is a gift with many surprises in it. Thanks for this treat, Margaret!”
—Chris Van de Velde, founder of Numenon Institute

Called “a masterpiece memoir of four writers’ lives—the author’s as well as the title characters',” Keep This Quiet Too! takes place in Morocco, Belgium, Switzerland, and the United States as Margaret pits wits with—and learns from—Gonzo creator, Hunter S. Thompson, New York City poet-genius Milton Klonsky, and her eventual husband, Belgian poet Jan Mensaert.

The author of Keep This Quiet! as well as Marking Time with Faulkner, and eight books in the Love in Transition: Voyage of Ulysses—Letters to Penelope nonfiction series, Margaret Harrell copy edited Hunter Thompson’s first book, Hell’s Angels. HST acknowledged her in Gonzo Letters 2. She is also a freelance editor, a cloud photographer, and mentor to people wanting to maximize their potential.

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