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America One: The Launch by TI Wade

TI Wade
$5.99, Kindle
January, 2013
Available at

Ryan Richmond has dreamed about going to space since the age of seven. Reading space updates—and seeing pictures of Neil Armstrong on the lunar surface in National Geographic—was the ignition of this dream.

At nineteen he sold his first company and employed the remnants of the Russian Space Program, three of the best space brains in the world.

In his twenties he founded and sold two more companies and hired the most outstanding scientists and engineers from the European Space Authority.

During his thirties, after selling his third company, he invested heavily in Internet start-ups, like Google, netting billions.

Then he patiently waited until NASA’s shuttle program came to an end and contracted the best brains in the U.S. Space program.

Now, Ryan Richmond is in his forties, and still wants to go to space.

The only problem is that the newly elected Administration and members of Congress don’t have a current space program, and they want his!

TI Wade grew up in Southern Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe), and once he completed his mandatory military commitments at 23, left Africa to mature in Europe. He enjoyed Europe and lived in three countries throughout fifteen years: England, Germany and Portugal. He enjoyed learning their ways of life, and languages, before returning to Africa: Cape Town in 1989. There he owned and ran a restaurant, a coffee manufacturing and retail business, flew a Cessna 210 around desolate southern Africa, and achieved marriage in 1992.

Due to the upheavals of the political turmoil in South Africa, the Wade family of three moved to the United States in 1996. Park City, Utah, was where his writing career began in 1997. To date, he has written nine novels. Currently, he lives with his wife and two teenage children twenty miles south of Raleigh. His first series, INVASION USA, has been a top-selling hit series, addressing the question, What could happen if every bit of technology created in China in the past thirty years were to all shut down at once? His current series, AMERICA ONE, is another hard-hitting series, with a greater focus on technology and space exploration.

TI Wade is on the web at


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