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The Princess and The Cuban by Owen Mitchell

$2.99, e-book
ISBN 978-1-300-55177-5
December, 2012
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Terry Reed had killed men in the line of duty as a soldier, but he never realized as a Homeland Security agent he would again have to kill and even risk his life taking a bullet to save a Princess’ life in a beach house on the North Carolina coast. In The Princess and The Cuban, a novel meant to be the first in a series about a young CIA agent, this good old red-bloodied American boy learns a lot about himself as he defends his country at home.

When he leaves the military, with a Bronze Star for bravery, he’s just a good-looking 26 year-old ready to find his way in the world and enjoy women. He finds himself defending his homeland as a CIA agent, not in some foreign country, but working with Homeland Security and becoming a spy on American soil.

His original assignment of running surveillance on an Islamic terrorist, who lives in a sleepy southern college town, turns into a twisted maze of relationships with a beautiful Egyptian Princess, a run-in with Russian spies, and a one-night love affair with an English stripper/spy.

His life escalates into a relationship with Carlos Cuadrado, who just happens to be one of the most notorious and successful Cuban-Americans in the world with a chip on his shoulder about the American embargo from the ‘60’s. His work with Carlos takes him to some incredible venues in Miami and Cuba.

It all comes to a head when Terry has to stop Carlos’ attempt on the life of the President of the United States at a function in a basketball arena where 21,000 people, including former presidents, cabinet members, and religious dignitaries could all die.

Sound like fiction? It could be. It could also be that Terry Reed is a real hero. Not the kind you see getting medals or proclamations but the kind that is just doing his job protecting America from the inside.

Owen Mitchell's credentials for writing this book are simple. He knows this young man very well. He's followed his career the past five years. Names have been changed to protect people, but this story about secret agents in America protecting our country is very, very true.

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