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Snap Factor by Sam Love

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$2.99, e-book
March, 2013
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“Having taught corporate management for 22 years, the personalities in Snap Factor were right on. An exciting and very readable novel!”
—Kevin Reynolds, retired naval officer and management instructor, George Washington University

“A believable story of a workplace that holds the reader’s interest. It will resonate with anyone who has worked under a bad boss.”
—Phil Bowie, award-winning mystery writer

A killer epidemic sweeping workplaces isn’t the flu. It’s workplace violence. Too frequently, we see stories of a frustrated employee picking up a gun to seek revenge. As we probe the murder in the new mystery, Snap Factor, Sam Love exposes the pressures that can build up in the modern workplace leading someone to snap.

In Snap Factor, a washed-up NYPD detective, “Mac” McCormick, confronts this human resources nightmare head on. His life of easy suburban cases is upended when a corporate vice president is gunned down in a sniper-style attack.

Because this case doesn’t fit the standard profile of an angry employee walking in with a blazing gun, the detective first thinks this is a professional hit. But when he discovers the workplace is a boiling cauldron of hate and fear of the maniacal senior vice president, he begins to suspect this is an act of workplace violence. To him, none of the co-workers are beyond suspicion because they are victims of extreme ridicule, bullying, mocking, and even sexual harassment.

Mac has to throw out any preconceptions of a deranged employee as he uncovers the shooter’s methodical planning and sophisticated ballistics; a sniper’s bullet so novel it could only have come from a secret government program.

By the time Mac discovers who fired the shot, we gain new insight into the explosive social dynamics that can make the modern corporate workplace a ticking time bomb.

Reading Snap Factor will help anyone who has suffered with a bad boss realize they are not alone. The book includes a corporate survival discussion guide that can be a great tool for workplace training and discussion groups.

Sam Love is a writer living in North Carolina. As a media producer he worked with major corporations, non-profits, and government agencies to help them tell their story. He now spends his time writing poetry, teaching yoga, and restoring a historic house.

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