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Jewelry from a Grave by Caroline Taylor













Jewelry from a Grave by Caroline Taylor

Five Star Mysteries (Gale-Cengage)
$25.95, hardcover
ISBN: 13-978-1-4328-2687-1
March, 2013
Fiction - Mystery
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They were addicted to antique jewelry. They had the same employer and the same roommate. Two are dead, and now one is missing. P.J. Smythe is back, and this time it’s personal. The former Annapolis skip tracer is thrilled when her new employer, Chatham Confidential Investigations, offers her a significant bonus to track down antique jewelry lover, Yolanda Branson, P.J.’s roommate and the company’s legal counsel, who has disappeared after disclosing that two former roommates have died under suspicious circumstances. Before she can connect the dots linking a phony Narc, some stolen antique jewelry, and one or more Chatham insiders, P.J. is forced to go for a midnight swim—losing her car, her clothes, and almost her life.

Caroline Taylor is the author of What Are Friends For?, the first P.J. Smythe mystery novel. Her short stories, two of which feature earlier incarnations of P.J. have appeared in various online and print magazines. She lives in Pittsboro and is a member of the North Carolina Writers’ Network and Mystery Writers of America. Visit her at

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