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The Elephant with the Yellow Trunk by S. Lemon

$15.99, paperback / $3.99, e-book
ISBN: 978-1481720960
March, 2013
Children's Book
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A children's book to help inspire our children to respect others no matter their differences. Have you ever witnessed or been a part of bullying and taunting? The elephants at the same zoo as Ziggy tease him because he looks different, and has a yellow trunk. When a very nice elephant named Roger witnesses this taunting and bullying, he begins to talk to Ziggy and help him through the taunting that is being done by the other elephants.

S. Lemon was born in North Carolina. She obtained her Bachelor’s degree from Winston-Salem State University and after graduation she spent several years working in corporate America. After a few years of employment, she decided to return to school to obtain another degree in Conflict and Peace Studies. It was during this time, the course of her employment, and juggling the role of a wife and mother to two daughters, that she found her passion and fell in love with writing.

Mrs. Lemon used writing to express her feelings and thoughts on everyday living and to give positive insight on how to enjoy life as we see it. She credits her inspiration and dedication to writing children’s books to the love and respect of the innocence and youthfulness of being a child. Childhood is the most important time for a child to grow, learn, and enjoy life. With bullying and negative peer pressure at an all-time high, S. Lemon decided to utilize her talents and channel all of her efforts to reach out to the children who may be facing similar issues.

The Elephant with the Yellow Trunk takes issues such as taunting that may go on in schools and helps children apply these scenarios to everyday life and show them how to cope and essentially do what is right.

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