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Now That I Think About It (Reflections of "Billy the Elder") by Bill Ramsey

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$10.81, paperback / $4.99, e-book
ISBN: 978-1491079270
August, 2013
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Building on the success of his first book, Billy the Kid, author Bill Ramsey has written Now That I Think About It (Reflections of “Billy the Elder”). Billy the Kid focused on Bill’s life as a child in a small town during the 1950s. In it, the author recalled them in a warm way that took older readers back to their own memories, while enlightening younger readers about what life was like for their grandparents. Now, at the age of seventy, Ramsey looks back on life in a collection of original essays in Now That I Think About It (Reflections of “Billy the Elder”). Each essay is about 200 words, and covers a wide range of real-life themes from reading and writing, all the way to religion, family dynamics, and the end of life. The mix is intense, humorous, introspective, motivating, and ironic, and each essay is designed to stimulate reader thinking.

Note from Bill: Thinking can be habit forming. Not thinking can become a habit, too! There is a danger in not thinking, for just as muscles become soft when the body is not exercised, the brain of a non-thinker can soften, too. How often do you think about important topics? What topics do you think about most? What action does your thinking cause you take? This book will address all of those questions and more.

Writing is easier when you have done it all your life. In his youth, Bill Ramsey wrote sports columns for the local newspaper. During his forty-year professional career, he wrote technical manuals, magazine articles, and business newsletters. Now, at seventy-years of age, Bill’s small town upbringing continues to influence his thinking. Like many older citizens, he enjoys reflecting on life experiences and being free to share his thinking with complete candor. A strong supporter of literacy and literature, Bill is involved with readers and writers in the mountains of western North Carolina, where he lives with his wife of forty-eight years.

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