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The Last POW by Howard Cohen

$0.99, e-book
ISBN: 978-1-09834-727-7
Fiction: Thriller
January, 2021
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The reviews are in:

"Once I started I couldn't put it down. Read it the whole way through. Hope to read more about main character Jax in future books."

"I never would have thought about all the twists and turns that happened but the solutions where believable can’t wait for sequel or next book."

"Excellent spy story leaves reader on edge wondering what comes next. Characters are credible and well-placed. I recommend this book to anyone interested in good stories of international spying and all that it represents. Thank you, Mr. Cohen, for an amazing story."

Vitaly Sonkin is the foremost avionics expert in Russia. Every military aircraft and missile contains his software programs. He lives and works in Sarov, one of Russia's most heavily guarded cities. The problem is Vitaly Sonkin is not who he appears to be. He holds a secret that could alter the balance of power between Russia and the United States—and he wants to defect.

The CIA has tried in the past to penetrate Russia's closed cities with disastrous results. In the void, they turn to Jax Wilder, a private contractor who does jobs others would not or could not do.

If captured, the CIA will deny his existence and will offer no help. But he's never been captured before.

Howard Cohen is a retired physician, former Green Beret and Vietnam veteran. His latest novel is The Last POW. Two previous novels, Vietnam Redux and Escape from Vietnam were based on events during the Vietnam War. Howard published a book of poems about the Vietnam war entitled No Slack Authorized in 2006. When not writing he golfs, kayaks, makes knives, and is an avid reader. All his novels are in e-book format only.

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