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Scarred Resilience by Suzanne Cottrell

Kelsay Books
$16.50, paperback
ISBN: 978-1954353817
July, 2021
Available from the publisher or

"Suzanne Cottrell's poems create verbal jewels inspired by the natural world. These poems offer a healing movement-of-spirit, reminding us of why we fell in love with poetry in the first place."
—Marilyn Kallet, Knoxville Poet Laureate and author of How Our Bodies Learned, poems from Black Widow Press

"Suzanne Cottrell’s poems, a synthesis of visual details, combine with her all-seeing eye for nuance and change. Her collection speaks of a life spent in the sciences where things are viewed through a microscope, often distilled as in a vintage snapshot that illustrates competition for resources, quick change in circumstances or the eternal struggle to survive. Her poem, 'Transformation,' provides a clinical description of biological statistics and specimens. But, in 'Silent Stroll,' the poet reveals the inner life of feelings and search for clarity. The poems are a delicate balance between micro-views and personal internal longings."
—Lynda McKinney Lambert, author of Star Signs: New & Selected Poems

"Suzanne Cottrell’s third poetry chapbook chronicles life’s difficulties wrapping painful memory with the beauty of nature and offering the possibility to 'pass through the darkness into the light to follow your dreams.' Her poems express resilience, finding strength in laughter during darker moments. In her poem, 'Aged,' the narrator asks the question — 'Have all their pages been written?' I hope for those who love poetry, the answer for Ms. Cottrell would be 'Oh, no. There’s so much more to come.”'
—Anne Anthony, author and editor, Flash Fiction for Flash

Scarred Resilience is a collection of 40 poems that will resonate with readers as they pause and reflect on their lives. All individuals deal with different challenges such as loss, medical condition, heart break, aging, bullying, abuse, and/or stress throughout the course of their lives. They can succumb and fall victim to a challenge, or they can choose to overcome it. A key message of Scarred Resilience is that people, despite their physical and emotional scars, can empower themselves and move forward with their lives.

Suzanne Cottrell, an outdoor enthusiast and retired teacher, lives with her husband and one rescued dog in rural Piedmont North Carolina. She enjoys reading, writing, knitting, hiking, Pilates, Tai Chi, and yoga. Her poetry has appeared in numerous online and print anthologies and journals including the Best Emerging Poets Series, The Avocet, Plum Tree Tavern, The Pangolin Review, Poetry Quarterly, and Burningword Literary Journal. She was the recipient of the 2017 Rebecca Lard Poetry Award, Poetry Quarterly, Prolific Press. She is the author of two poetry chapbooks: Gifts of the Seasons, Autumn and Winter andi published by Kelsay Books:

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