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Daughter-In-Law From Hell by Leigh Williams

Covenant Books
$14.95, paperback
ISBN: 978-1-644681572
March, 2021
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Beautiful, single and reckless, Erika decides she'd better move out of state; far from the city where she wreaked havoc. Nothing gets in the way of getting what she wants, woe to anyone who interferes. To have the big house she has always dreamed of, she must marry money. Setting her sights on a successful Christian attorney, she is determined to marry him. Portraying herself as a Godly church goer, she plans a sinister plot to get rid of his girlfriend. Once married, she turns her husband against his mother and unleashes her anger on the oldest stepchild. Always appearing sweet and loving to her husband, he overlooks any flaws. He will protect his wife.

Will he ever see Ericka's toxic side? Will she be accountable for what she has done? Can a healthy family survive an evil daughter-in-law that turns their lives upside down?


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