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Luck and Opportunity (Randell Jones, Editor)

Personal Story Publishing Project
$17.95, paperback
ISBN: 9781734796414
March, 2021
Nonfiction: Anthology / Essays
Available from the publisher

"I received my copies and read the whole book in one sitting! I'm honored to be published alongside such talented writers."
—Charles Davenport, Jr. contributor to That Southern Thing (PSPP 2020)

"This has been such a delightful experience due to your phenomenal communication, professionalism, and kindness in working with the writers, and keeping us informed throughout the whole process. I am most grateful, as I’m sure the other writers are as well."
—Beth Sammons, That Southern Thing (PSPP 2020)

""You are such an encourager! You're an accomplished writer in your own right but you reach out to encourage those of us just dipping into the pool. Always a kind word at just the right time. It was a honor to get to work with you. I look forward to another opportunity in the future."
—Janice Luckey, That Southern Thing (PSPP 2020)

Luck and Opportunity—personal stories between "if" and "if only."

Forty-four writers have cast their lot in exploring the paths we tread between “if” and “if only.” They offer encouragement, a caution, a good laugh, or a slight tear, writing of joy in accomplishment, transforming pride in overcoming, surprise at the unexpected, haunting regrets, and humility for grace received—all in a turn with luck and opportunity, teased out through these engaging personal stories.

Through 45 short stories, you share in the life experiences of writers—both fresh, new voices and seasoned storytellers. Through good and bad breaks, tragedy averted, undeserved blessings, surprising twists, a gosh-darn-it moment, or a full-blown disaster, we discover how life takes a turn. Or we see an opportunity for success or love or escape if we do just the right things at the right times in the right ways and all of it will work out just fine—if . . . , if . . . , if only.

Randell Jones is the creator and editor of the Personal Story Publishing Project, now completing its fourth collection of thematic stories of 750-800 words. He is the producer of the companion podcast "6-minute Stories." He is an award-wining author and editor of nine history books on the American pioneer era and the American Revolution in the South. During its final 13 years, he served as an invited member of the Road Scholar Speakers Bureau of the North Carolina Humanities Council. He received in 2013, the national History Award Medal from the National Society, Daughters of the American Revolution for his body of work during the prior 10 years. His videos, books, and podcast can be found at


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