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Ka-Boom? (The Occasionally True Story about how a Catholic Nun, Deacon and Priest Saved the World from Total Nuclear Devastation with a NailsRight™ $4.99 Fluorescent Yellow Ball Peen Hammer) by Alex Charns

Bull City Law Publishing
$5.99, paperback / $0.99, e-book
ISBN: 979-8694991261
Fiction: Humor/Politics
October, 2020
Available from your local bookstore or

If Kurt Vonnegut and Carl Hiaasen had a literary love child, this book would be it.

Don't mess with Sister Joan of Arc of the Peace Warrior Sisters of Mercy!

Would you go to prison if you could stop a nuclear war?

Three Catholic activists, a nun, deacon, and priest, break into the MegaMuerte Corporation plant and destroy nuclear warhead triggers. They wait and wait and wait for the cops to arrest them. Finally, they call 9-1-1 to report the military-industrial complex's conspiracy to blow up the earth. What happens next is a full-tilt romp.

Alex Charns is a Durham criminal defense attorney and author of Bones of Black Saints and Cloak and Gavel: FBI Wiretaps, Bugs, Informers and the Supreme Court.

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