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Eventide by Sally Stewart Mohney

Kelsay Books
$16.00, paperback
ISBN: 978-1952326509
October, 2020
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"It’s hard to know what to rave about first—Sally Stewart Mohney’s ability to capture and celebrate the everydayness of ordinary lives or her use of language—sparse, precise, and always musical. She writes of places, often identified with the people on whom they’ve left their mark and who have left their mark on them, in what is, perhaps, only a brief moment in time. Skillfully, with insight and compassion, she records those moments we tend to take for granted, those rare revelations hastily glimpsed, frequently forgotten."
—Diana Anhalt, author of A Gathering of Fugitives…, Shiny Objects, Second Skin, Lives of Straw, Because There is No Return, and Walking Backward

"Sally Stewart Mohney is a painterly poet. She colors these quiet poems with beautiful diction. Unexpected word combinations, alliteration, 'Gray rocks bleed / green over glazed water,' and strings of images create a gauzy sense of solitude, whether the speaker contemplates a river or touches her late mother’s ‘totems’ one by one: 'White / conch, shellacked horn, curdled / Christmas candles, a brittle corsage.'"
—Karen Paul Holmes, author of Tying the Knot and No Such Things as Distance

"For me, Sally Stewart Mohney’s poems are so painterly in their expression and tide-like in their flow and restraint, that they create for me ‘waking dreams,’ in which subtext and context coalesce. Her landscapes, flora, fauna, and people are beautiful, strange, and lambent. They are poems crafted by a writer equipped with hyper-perceptive care, a sensitive mind and heart—ones that, when carefully read deeply felt, reward the reader’s mind and emotions equally. Her work is unique and extraordinary."
—William Wright, aeries editor of The Southern Poetry Anthology; author of Tree Heresies

From the low country to the Appalachians, to the River Thames and the North Sea, Sally Stewart Mohney seeks solace and bears witness to water—from wetlands to dry waterfall—during her intriguing journey, as in this excerpt from, "Voice from the Field."

Wind—that wandering saint—amongst a congregation
of clouds. Soon the woods
in their elmness.
How old creek longs to speak.

How its groundwater—blood-
warm, pasture-born—yearns

for a tide, a swell—to host
scores of swaying trout.
Its water will never know the peace
of a lake, instead presses
a clutch of maple leaves
against its cider heart.

In the last poem, "by the first pond in the third wood," Mohney ends with the line, 'listen like a lake.' She creates 'painted poems' by using charged lyrical language.

Sally Stewart Mohney is the recipient of the Jesse Rehder Writing Prize from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Her last book, Low Country, High Water (Texas Review Press, 2016) won the Southern Poetry Anthology Prize: North Carolina. Other publications include A Piece of Calm (Finishing Line Press, 2014) and pale blue mercy (Main Street Rag, Author’s Choice Series, 2013). Her work has appeared in the Broad River Review, Charlotte Observer, Cortland Review, Iodine Poetry Journal, James Dickey Review, North Carolina Literary Review, Poetry Daily, Sensoria Fine Arts Festival, Southern Poetry Anthology: North Carolina, Verse Daily,, and elsewhere. A native North Carolinian, she lives a thousand feet from the Chattahoochee River.

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