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The Anchor of Time by Tina Capricorn

Lupus Obsidian Publishing
$14.99, paperback / $2.99, e-book
ISBN: 978-1-735799704
December, 2020
Fiction: Sci-Fi / Romance
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A page turning sci-fi romance about the genesis of a cosmic bloodline—destined to control time.

The stories in our blood are undeniable—across space, time, and dimensions...

A slow burning romance that echoes through time.

Peaches Lemair has only known life on board the spaceship Lupus Obsidian, a vessel able to travel through time and pierce the dimensional veil. As exciting as that sounds, life is static and solitary aboard the Obsidian—but that’s all about to change.

Peaches has found proof of her grandmother’s existence—which should be impossible, considering her disappearance on a routine time mission over 200 years ago. The signal is coming from an Amaranthine Loop, a time loop, the same one her grandfather is stranded in . . . the same time loop they have been conducting missions to ever since her grandmother disappeared . . .

When the evidence becomes impossible to deny, Peaches and her father Aldric are faced with the reality that their family’s lives are at stake, the genesis of their existence trapped inside a deteriorating Amaranthine Loop and time is literally running out. Peaches is faced with harsh truths, impossible choices, and unthinkable consequences.

Together, with the cosmic and mysterious love story of her extraordinary grandparents—powerful beings who have forgotten who and what they are—Peaches must complete the mission her entire family has sacrificed themselves for and all their futures depend on.

The Anchor of Time is Book 1 of the Forgotten Queen Series, A Time Travel Saga.

A native of Western North Carolina, Tina grew up on a small farm in Mills River, North Carolina and now calls Asheville her home. Her artistic passions are not limited to the written word, she also holds a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts from Warren Wilson College where she majored in Art with a concentration on painting and illustration. Additionally, Tina has worked extensively in the cosmetology industry for over ten years, but has retired from salon life to write and do other retired stylist things. She lives with her hilarious husband and two step sons, and belongs to the adventure chihuahua Bella and Peaches the reading cat. When she’s not writing she’s trimming her friends and family’s hair, singing karaoke, or camping.

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